About us

TACHEOLAB is born out of the evolution of a twenty-yearlong vast professional experience in the building and urban design sector.

TACHEOLAB goal is to support big-sized engineering and architecture studios in the following areas: laser scanner surveys, BIM, geologic and hydro-geologic monitoring, cultural, architectural and landscape heritage enhancement, virtual tours and environments’reconstruction for touristic promotion of territories through multiple multimedia languages.

TACHAOLAB mission is to contribute to:

  • a modern development of architectural and engineering design;
  • the safeguard and enhancement of historic and architectural patrimony;
  • the improvement of scientific knowledge and documentation for tourist market enhancement;
  • the making of territorial analysis integrated systems, aimed at monitoring important geomorphological and extractive activities;
  • the optimization of maintenance costs, management and control of industrial plants.
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Following its mission on the safeguard, enhancement and promotion of specific architectural, archaeological and geological excellences, it provides design and intervention services for the restoration and conservation of cultural assets in partnership with leader firms of the specific area of expertise.

Thanks to the partnership with highly experienced firms in the design and control of industrial plants, we also provide highly specialized BIM services and survey of existing industry pipelines for the “as-built” assessment, management and revamping.

TACHEOLAB supports Public Administrations in monitoring extractive industries by means of impartial exclusive and tested operative protocols.

Survey Laser Scanner

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Industrial Piping and Revamping

Mining Monitoring and Environmental reclamation

Conservation and Enhancement of Heritage and Territory

Real estate and worksite technical services

3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Aerial photogrammetry from Drone

Aerial photogrammetry from Drone



Headquartes Firenze

Tacheolab S.r.l.
Via della Comunità Europea 22/24
50063 Figline e Incisa Valdarno (Fi)
P.Iva 06310800484
Tel. +39 0559156165
Cell: + 39 3474952230
email: info@tacheolab.com
pec: tacheolabsrl@pec.it

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